A dialogue between yesterday and today, between East and West, featuring stunning antiques alongside contemporary items made using ancestral techniques. Together creating a new, inspirational experience with deep roots in Japanese tradition.

Galerie KAERAÑ offers Japanese artifacts and creations curated by Mathilde Roseanne Brégeon in Kyoto, Japan. Drawing from her own artistic expertise in luxury textile design (working with Hermes, Kenzo, Pierre Frey, Chiso Kyoto among others) and love of Japanese craftsmanship, Mathilde selects Japanese pieces that tell a story, stir emotion and touch the heart. Alongside these items are her own contemporary designs and commissions, made by modern Japanese craftsmen.

A lover of Japanese arts and craftsmanship, Mathilde relocated full-time to Kyoto, Japan in 2019 after frequent trips between Paris and Kyoto. Here she has collaborated with some of Kyoto’s top artisans, sharing their work with a global audience through pop up events in Paris and now online via Galerie KAERAÑ. These relationships often begin in serendipitous encounters and are deepened by Mathilde’s appreciation of high quality craftsmanship, passion for sustainable and natural materials and desire to learn from the Japanese craftspeople of yesterday and today.

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Mathilde is an artistic director and designer holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion from ESAA Duperré and a Master degree in Textiles from l'ENSAD Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Prior to living in Japan, she lived and worked in Paris, New York and Zürich. After 3 years and 15 round trip travels between Paris/Kyoto working with Japanese craftsmen, Mathilde fell in love with Japan and moved to Kyoto in 2019. Since 2016, through her design studio STUDIO KAERAÑ, she has collaborated with companies in India, USA, France and Japan developing contemporary products using ancestral craftsmanship techniques.



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