KAERAÑ is a result of a mix of cultures and eras,

an interaction between old and new artefacts,

ancestral techniques, contemporary designed items and art pieces

curated by Mathilde Roseanne Brégeon.


To Mathilde, the past inspire the future,

for KAERAÑ she mixes antique and traditionally made objects with contemporary items

creating a new inspirational modern story with deep roots,

looking at japanese culture with her french eyes.

Mathilde hunts for beautiful objects from antique markets, artisan's workshops, creates new products in collaboration with craftsmen and selects art pieces

that touch her heart through her eyes.

Mathilde wants to use the highest quality crafts, sustainable and natural materials.

Her collaborations with artisans often start in serendipity, by a fortunate encounter.

She likes to create deep connections with craftsmen and artists, learning from them, getting to know their techniques, sharing priviledged moments with them.

Through KAERAÑ she wishes to share her love for Japan and its treasures,

its culture, its art and craftsmanship.

She hopes to deliver a personal view and offer unique beautiful objects that tell a story, and reach the viewer's soul by creating emotions.


Mathilde is an artistic director and designer holding a

Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion from ESAA Duperré and

a Master degree in Textiles from l'ENSAD Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

She has lived and worked in Paris, New York and Zürich

before moving to Japan.

After 3 years and 15 Paris/Kyoto round trips working with japanese craftsmen ,

Mathilde fell in love with Japan and moved to Kyoto in 2019.

Since 2016, through her design studio STUDIO KAERAÑ, she has collaborated with companies in

India, USA, France and Japan developing contemporary products

using ancestral craftsmanship techniques.